Prof. Martina Hentschel

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    Technical University of Ilmenau, Ilmenau, Germany

    Curator and author

    - since 2012: Professor for Theoretical Physics at Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany

    - March 2011: Hertha-Sponer prize of the German Physical Society for 2011

    - 2006 - 2012: Head of the Mesoscopic Systems Group (Emmy-Noether group) at MPIPKS Dresden

    - Oct-Dec 2005: Invited Researcher at ATR (Kyoto, Japan) in Takahisa Harayama's group

    - 2004-2006: Scientific Assistent at the University of Regensburg in Milena Grifoni's group

    - 2002-2004: Postdoc at Duke University, Durham (North Carolina, USA) in Harold Baranger's group

    - 1998-2001: PhD student at MPIPKS Dresden (supervisors: Klaus Richter, Peter Fulde), PhD in 2001

    - 1990-1997: Studies of Physics at Imperial College, London (UK) and Technical University of Dresden (Germany), Diploma in 1997

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