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    Retired engineer, programmer, and technical writer

    I registered in the hope that I can assist with proofreading, to correct typographical, grammatical, and formatting errors. I can also provide feedback on issues such as readability and writing style. I do these things, and more, on Wikipedia, where my user name is Peter Chastain.

    I received a BS in electrical engineering (computer science option) from the University of California at Davis in 1970 and a MA in psychology from San Jose State University in 1976. For my master's thesis, I investigated the reduction of thresholds for the perception of angular rotation in the presence of the oculogyral illusion.

    I began my career as an electronic circuit designer in 1976 but soon switched to computer programming, interspersed with technical writing. Since my retirement in 2000, I have spent some of my time taking classes at San Jose State University, studying biology, chemistry, foreign languages, and history.

    I am familiar with the style guides of the Council of Science Editors and the American Psychological Association.

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