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    John Gerald Taylor (b. in Hayes, Kent, August 18, 1931, d. March 10, 2012) received his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Christ's College Cambridge in 1956. He was an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at King’s College, London, after spending 25 years there as Professor of Mathematics where he held the position of Director of the Centre for Neural Networks at King’s College.

    Dr. Taylor started research in neural networks in 1969 and has contributed to many, if not all, of its subfields. He was also engaged in developing a higher cognitive level model of consciousness, using the most recent results on attention to describe it as an engineering control system. This has lead to the CODAM (attention copy) model of consciousness.

    Dr. Taylor published over 500 scientific papers (in theoretical physics, astronomy, particle physics, pure mathematics, neural networks, higher cognitive processes, brain imaging, consciousness), authored 12 books and edited 13 others. He gave numerous plenary addresses and tutorials at international conferences in the fields of particle physics, cosmology and string theory. He delivered several lectures discussing neural networks, consciousness, attention, and related topics at many levels, appearing in multiple media (including press, TV, radio, theatre, poetry). He also served as European Editor-in-Chief of the journal Neural Networks, and was President of the International Neural Network Society (1995) and the European Neural Network Society (1993/4).

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    CODAM model. Scholarpedia, 2(11):1598. (2007)
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