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    The article "Whisking kinematics" is a short and good summary on the current knowledge about whisking kinematics. A few comments: - The article focuses on whisking kinematics during localization, but it is missing some discussion on whisking during texture/shape discrimination - I would say a few more words on the follicle – (1) emphasize the fact that the receptors are distributed in the follicle and therefore the moments/forces at the base are the only interface between the whiskers and the nervous system. (2) Motor control of whisking through intrinsic/extrinsic muscles (just at the most basic level..) - I would say a few words of the existence and proposed advantages of tapered whiskers. Maybe also a word on the geometry of the pad (whisker length as a function of location), as it is strongly related to active scanning of the environment. - The section on neural representation of whisking is too short in my opinion. I think you should elaborate more both on the encoding of whisking position, and on the control of whisking, or just skip this section and point to a good review. - Minor comments were sent directly to the author.

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