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    Rendering test

    The rendering of equations is tested here\[x^{119}\]. This should look nice, with the equations to be on the same line as the text, not below.

    The normal depiction of equations is \(x^2\) or \(\sin x\), and definitely not the large-fond \(21\sin x^2\) or \(X^123\) that does not look nice at all.

    Also, compare the number -123 with the number \(-123\). The former is just a text/ascii number, the latter is an equation.

    Congratulations to the upgrade

    Hi Eugene,

    I like the new design very much. It is somewhat slow at the moment but I assume this is due to the long job queue as a result of the restructuring, and thus temporary.


    Daniel Mietchen 23:21, 21 October 2011 (PDT)

    Assistant Editor

    Hello Dr. Izhikevich,

    Just passing by to say I'm here. If you need me, give me a shout. --Tingting Zhao 11:35, 5 September 2012 (UTC)

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