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    Figure 1: The Rössler attractor in the 3-d space.

    Among participants of this encyclopedia are D. Anosov (Anosov Diffeomorphism), L. Bunimovich (Dynamical Billiards), B. Chirikov (Chirikov standard map), R. FitzHugh (FitzHugh-Nagumo Model), J. Guckenheimer (5 articles on codim-2 local bifurcations), H. Haken (Self-Organization and Synergetics), P. Holmes (History of Dynamical Systems, Stability, with Shea-Brown), Yu.A. Kuznetsov (7 articles on local bifurcations), J. Milnor (Attractor), D. Ornstein (Ornstein Theory), E. Ott (Attractor Dimension, Crises, Controlling Chaos, Basin of Attraction), M.M. Peixoto (Structural Stability), O. Rossler (Rossler Attractor), A.N. Sharkovsky (Sharkovsky Ordering), A. Shilnikov (Shilnikov Bifurcation), Y. Sinai (Kolmogorov-Sinai Entropy), S. Smale (Smale Horseshoe), J. Yorke (Chaos, with T. Sauer), and many others.

    Subcategories of the category Dynamical Systems (sets of articles):

    Mathematical Theory

    Nonlinear Phenomena


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