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    It is true that the terms "corollary discharge" and "efference copy" are being used quite often interchangeably, meaning the copy of a motor command. However, it seems that this interchangeability slowly ceases to be the case in the current literature, with the term c.d. being increasingly used for the output of the predictive process (forward model). Citing from Pickering & Clark, 2014, TiCS:

    • Efference copy: a copy of the current motor command that may be given as input to a forward model
    • Corollary discharge: often (incorrectly) used synonymously with ‘efference copy’, this names the output of the forward model (the predictor mechanism), which may be used to influence further processing.

    So perhaps this other meaning could be at least mentioned in the introductory section. --Ondrej Havlicek (talk) 13:57, 16 September 2014 (UTC)

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