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    Link title“I focus here on the unity of consciousness at a single time and leave to one side the unity of consciousness as it holds across time—that is, its continuity.” - perhaps omit ‘continuity’ here. It’s probably a mistake to talk about the ‘continuity’ of consciousness, for it may well be that continuity comes in both synchronic and diachronic forms. E.g., my visual field is (usually, seemingly) continuous at a time, likewise many bodily sensations, mental images.

    “we can agree that subject unity plays an important role in structuring consciousness without agreeing on how to conceive of subjects of experience”

    - well, perhaps Hume – and others like him who reject subjects, in any metaphysically significant sense – wouldn’t agree

    “we can ask whether the contents of those states are available to the same consuming systems” - this jargon (also used in split brain section) may be confusing to people who aren’t familiar with it

    “Pathologies of consciousness also provide us with examples in which aspects of the representation unity of consciousness”

    - a stylistic quibble: perhaps ‘representational unity’ or ‘representation-unity’ would be better here

    “One particularly appealing approach looks to the domain-general enabling mechanisms” - another (perhaps unhelpful) technical term

    “On the other hand, the prospects of holism would be advanced [insert] IF such breakdowns”

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