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    University of Illinois at Urbana, IL, USA

    Recognized contributor


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    Research interests in Mathematical Biology, Biophysics and Qualitative/Symbolic Dynamics

    Natural Transformations of Organismic Structures

    Applications of Category Theory, Higher Dimensional Algebra and Supercategories to the representation of living organisms, biological evolution, qualitative dynamics, and the emergence of human consciousness and society.

    Research interests in Quantum Physics and Supercomputing Applications

    Representations of Extended Quantum Symmetry in Non-Abelian Quantum Algebraic Topology (NAQAT) and Higher Dimensional Algebra (HDA)

    Applications of NAQAT theories to Quantum Gravity, Nuclear Reactions, Quasicrystals, Topological Ordering and Superconductivity

    Quantum Supercomputers

    Submitted New Article Titles:

    The October 2009 listing of all submitted article titles to Scholarpedia Editors:

    1. Complex Systems Biology

    2. Genetic Network Dynamics

    3. Computer Models and Automata Theory in Biomedicine

    4. Many-Valued Logic Networks

    5. Genomics and Epigenetics

    6. Interactomics

    7. Categorical Dynamics and Category Theory

    8. Categories of Complex and Supercomplex Systems

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    Internal References

    • Christophe Letellier and Otto E. Rossler (2006) Rossler attractor. Scholarpedia, 1(10):1721, revision #47143
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