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    • I.C. Baianu et al. (with 2 co-editors). 1994. Physical Chemistry of Food Processes: From Principles to Applications., New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold., 702 pages.

    Recent Articles

    • I. C. Baianu , James F. Glazebrook and Ronald Brown. 2009a. Algebraic Topology Foundations of Supersymmetry and Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Gravity: A Review. Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA), 5 (2009), 051, 70 pages.
    • Brown, R., Glazebrook, J. F. and I.C. Baianu.(2007), A Conceptual, Categorical and Higher Dimensional Algebra Framework of Universal Ontology and the Theory of Levels for Highly Complex Structures and Dynamics., Axiomathes (17): 321-379.
    • I. C. Baianu, J. F. Glazebrook, R. Brown and G. Georgescu.: Complex Nonlinear Biodynamics in Categories, Higher dimensional Algebra and Łukasiewicz-Moisil Topos: Transformation of Neural, Genetic and Neoplastic Networks, Axiomathes, 16: 65-122 (2006).
    • I.C. Baianu.2004. Complex Systems Analysis of Cell Cycling Models in Carcinogenesis., arXiv:q-bio/0406045v2q-bio.O

    Selected Reviews and Earlier Publications

    • I.C. Baianu. 1987. Computer Models and Automata Theory in Biology and Medicine (A Review). In: "Mathematical Models in Medicine.", vol.7., M. Witten, Ed., Pergamon Press: New York, pp.1513-1577, with 394 references and 124 figures.
    • I.C. Baianu.:1980, Natural Transformations of Organismic Structures., Bulletin of Mathematical Biology,42: 431-446.
    • I.C. Baianu: 1977, A Logical Model of Genetic Activities in Łukasiewicz Algebras: The Non-linear Theory. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 39: 249-258.
    • I.C. Baianu.: 1971. Categories, functors and automata theory: a novel approach to quantum automata through algebraic--topological quantum computation, in P. Suppes (ed.) Proceedings of the 4th Intl. Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (Bucharest, August – September, 1971), University of Bucharest, Bucharest, 1971, 256–-257.

    See also

    • Bartholomay, A. F.: 1960. Molecular Set Theory. A mathematical representation for chemical reaction mechanisms. Bull. Math. Biophys., 22: 285-307.
    • Bartholomay, A. F.: 1965. Molecular Set Theory: II. An aspect of biomathematical theory of sets., Bull. Math. Biophys. 27: 235-251.
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    • Ehresmann, C.: 1984, Oeuvres complètes et commentées: Amiens, 1980-84, edited and commentaries by Andrée Ehresmann.
    • Ehresmann, A. C. and J.-P. Vanbremersch: 2006, The Memory Evolutive Systems as a Model of Rosen's Organisms, in "Complex Systems Biology", I.C. Baianu, Editor, Axiomathes 16 (1-2), pp. 13-50.
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