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    Bar code scanning

    Anosov diffeomorphism

    Differentially flat systems

    Echolocation in bats --- Sensory maps --- Theory of localization of brain function

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    Gross G. Multielectrode array. (2011), Scholarpedia, 6(3):5749.

    + unofficially, Donald Olding Hebb, Pyramidal neuron, Binocular rivalry

    Inserting figures that are not to be automatically numbered: Wikitable

    Table 1 Swartz bar code.png
    Table 1 - Part of the specification for Code 39.

    Inserting Pubmed links in a wikitext bibliography

    Set up a bibliography format (Endnote, Sente or other ref managers) that outputs in the format:

    * Zhang, J., Campbell, R.E., Ting, A.Y., and Tsien, R.Y. (2002) [ Creating new fluorescent probes for cell biology], ''Nat. Rev. Mol. Cell Biol.'', '''3''', 906-918.<br/>

    The reference will look like:

    This is pretty straightforward as it just involves adding extra little bits of text such as [ and ''' here and there within the bibliography format. Both Sente and Endnote enable the URL to be included in the bibliography (tip from Robert Campbell).

    In-text refs link to complete reference

    Zu07 or any text serving as a link to the <label> associated to each reference.


    • <label>Zu07</label>Zumer J, Attias H, Sekihara K, Nagarajan S. (2007): A probabilistic algorithm integrating source localization and noise suppression for MEG and EEG data. NeuroImage 37:102-115.

    (Source: Rey R. Ramirez, Source localization)

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    Featured author column

    • Featured author column email

    Dear Dr. XXX,

    Thank you again for contributing "XXX" to Scholarpedia. As an Associate Editor of Scholarpedia, I am contacting you on behalf of Dr. Eugene M. Izhikevich regarding the following matter:

    Scholarpedia has a weekly Featured Author column on its main page.

    You were selected to be one of the featured authors. As you can see on the main page, it consists of a short biography (significant positions, awards and honors, and field of research) with a picture.

    If you agree with the general idea, there is some information that I need to write the column. Actually, I found most of it on your academic webpage except for: - a photo of good resolution - your date and place of birth

    Approval of the biography by the featured author is an important part of the process. When I'm finished with writing the draft, I'll send you an email. You will then be able to read the draft directly on your userpage and make corrections if necessary.

    Sincerely yours,

    Abdellatif Nemri, Associate Editor of Scholarpedia.


    Pending: S, R, Spike correlation measures

    Declined: Real time fMRI, prion, RNA

    History of neuroscience Charles Gross (Princeton Dept of Psychology) Maple Keith Geddes U of Waterloo Pierre Legendre Statistical ecology

    Jean-Pierre Changeux

    "LabVIEW" National Instruments

    B.W. Char, K.O. Geddes, W.M. Gentleman, and G.H. Gonnet, "The design of Maple: A compact, portable, and powerful computer algebra system." Appears in Computer Algebra (Proceedings of EUROCAL '83), J. A. van Hulzen (ed.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, No. 162, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1983, pp. 101-115.

    Alzheimer's disease

    LSD and Albert Hofmann

    Robert W Cox RT fMRI first detailed report on an rtfMRI setup in 1995 from Weiskopf et al. 2007 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Volume 25, Issue 6, July 2007, Pages 989-1003

    R.Christopher deCharms Real-time brain imaging (applications)

    Anthony Zador Neural representation check with Anil Seth

    color perception

    Cell (Bruce Alberts, UCSF) Christian de Duve (Nobel 74)

    Simple and complex cells (Bogdan Dreher, U Sydney)

    Models of orientation selectivity (H. Sompolinski, Hebrew U of Jerusalem)

    Dynamics of orientation tuning (V. Dragoi)

    Models of primary visual cortex (already exists, but no potential authors yet)

    Peter Lennie Spike energy

    Psychoactive substances



    Parkinson (basal ganglia) Brain cancer (glia) Neurodegenerative diseases Multiple Sclerosis Huntington's chorea Encephalitis lethargica (Oliver Sachs) Meningitis Dyslexia Stroke Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Addiction Depression Psychosis Agnosia Autism Tourette's syndrom Amnesia

    Encyclopedia of Neuroscience

    Chapter 1: Techniques in neuroscience



    Staining, tracing...

    Neural data analysis and statistics

    Simulation Environments

    Molecular and genetic techniques

    Chapter 2: Neuroanatomy and physiology

    Chapter 3: Development

    Brain patterning

    Neurogenesis and gliogenesis

    Stem cells

    Axon and dendrite developement

    Synaptogenesis and activity-dependant developement

    Developmental cell death

    Development of motor, sensory and limbic systems

    Transplantation and regeneration

    Evolution of developmental mechanisms

    Chapter 4: Neural excitability, synapses and glia: cellular mechanisms

    Neurotransmitters and signaling molecules

    Ligand gated ion channels

    G-protein linked receptors

    Ion channels


    Neurotransmitter release

    Synaptic transmission

    Synaptic plasticity

    LTP, LTD, STDP...

    Network interactions

    Editor: Marc-Oliver Gewaltig

    Signal propagation, oscillations and synchrony, reliability and spike timing

    Intrinsic membrane properties

    Neural oscillators, modulation of firing rate properties

    Dendritic excitability and synaptic integration

    Glia-neuron interactions

    Chapter 5: Homeostatic and neuroendocrine systems


    Cardiovascular Regulation

    Respiratory Regulation


    Gastrointestinal and Urogenital Regulation

    Stress and the Brain

    Regulation of Food Intake and Body Weight

    Biological Rhythms and Sleep

    Brain Blood Flow, Metabolism, and Homeostasis

    Chapter 6: Sensory and motor systems

    Chemical senses

    Editor: Maxim Bazhenov

    Olfaction, taste




    Visuomotor processing

    Eye movement




    Spinal cord injury and plasticity

    Rhythm and Pattern Generating Circuits: Vertebrates and Invertebrates

    Kinematics and EMG


    Motor Neurons and Muscle


    Basal Ganglia


    Voluntary Movements

    Brain-Machine Interface

    Comparative Anatomy and Evolution

    Chapter 7: Cognition and behavior

    Human cognition and behavior

    Perception, learning, memory, attention, language, emotion, decision making...

    Animal cognition and behavior

    Attention, learning and memory, stress...

    Motivation and emotion

    Sexual behavior, parental behavior, reward, defensive behavior and agression...


    Chapter 8: Consciousness ==

    Editor: Anil K. Seth

    Chapter 9: Disorders of the nervous system

    Neurodegenerative disorders and movement disorders

    Alzheimer's, Parkinson's...


    Developmental disorders



    Demyelinating disorders

    Multiple sclerosis,...

    Neuromuscular diseases


    Neurotoxicity, Inflammation, and Neuroprotection


    Sensory Disorders

    Gene Therapy

    Cognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral State Disorders

    Schizophrenia, autism, affective disorders, ADD

    Addiction and Drugs of Abuse

    Behavioral Pharmacology

    Chapter 10: History of neuroscience

    History of concepts and biographies

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