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    Election of authors since 14 May 2006.

    Candidates are listed in the order they were nominated.
    Click 'article' to participate in the election or add candidates.
    A soft-max (probabilistic) procedure will be used to choose the author based on the number of votes received. Thus, electing one candidate does not imply that any (or all) of the other candidates received fewer votes.


    Stephen Wolfram

    • Wolfram Research, Inc., IL, USA
    • Stephen is the creator of Mathematica, and the author of "A New Kind of Science". He is the world's authority on cellular automata.

    David Griffeath

    • University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA
    • David has done a ton on CA and written really nice

    <a href=''>software</a>.

    Moshe Sipper

    • Ben-Gurion University
    • Prof. Sipper is a recognized researcher in CAs

    John Horton Conway

    • (email not known)
    • Princeton University, Royal Society
    • Professor Conway is a renowned mathematician and a great writer, having authored several mathematical books, some of them aimed to amateurs. One of these is "Winning Ways for your Mathematical Plays" (Academic Press, 1982). Professor Conway also invented the famous CA called Game of Life.
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