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    Blue Brain Project, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland


    Marc-Oliver Gewaltig

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    Figure 1:

    Research Topics

    • Theory of visual cortical processing, simulation technology for large structured neuronal systems, computational neuroscience
    • Techniques: Non-linear dynamics, statistical physics, applied computer science, parallel scientific computing

    Academic Background

    • 1988 - 1993: Studies in Physics and Computer Science, University of Bochum (D)
    • 1991: Studies in Physics and Cognitive Science, University of Sussex (UK)
    • 1993: MSc in Physics (Bochum, D)
    • 1994 - 1996: PhD studies, Inst. for Neuroinformatics (W. von Seelen), University of Bochum (D)
    • 1997 - 1999: PhD studies, Neurobiology & Biophysics (A. Aertsen), University of Freiburg (D)
    • 1999: PhD in Physics, Thesis: Evolution of synchronous spike volleys in cortical networks (Reviewers: C. von der Malsburg, W. von Seelen, University of Bochum)

    Research Positions

    • 1994 - 1996: Research Assistant, Institute for Neuroinformatics (W. von Seelen), University of Bochum (D)
    • 1995: Scientific stay Weizmann Institute of Science (IL) (A. Aertsen)
    • 1996 - 1998: Research Assistant, Neurobiology & Biophysics (A. Aertsen), Inst. Biology III, University of Freiburg (D)
    • 1998 - 2002: Senior scientist and project leader, Future Technology Research (Prof. E. Körner) Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH, Offenbach (D)
    • 2003 - 2011: Principal Scientist and project leader, Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH, Offenbach (D)
    • 2001 - 2012: Founding member and coordinator of the NEST Initiative, the consortium behind the neural simulation tool NEST.
    • 2012 - President of the NEST Initiative
    • 2011 - present: Project Manager at the Blue Brain Project (EPFL)
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