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    Southern Cross University, Australia

    Current Appointments

    • Professor, Discipline of Psychology, School of Health and Human Sciences, Southern Cross University, May 2009 – present
    • Gastwissenschaftler [Visiting Scientist], Universität Leipzig, Institut für Psychologie, 2014


    • BSc Hons (Psychology), U Qld, 1974
    • PhD (Psychology), U Qld, 1983

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    Research Interests

    I am interested in how our brains produce the experiences of the things we see. I conduct laboratory experiments in which I either measure the electrical activity of the brain non-invasively with scalp electrodes (electroencehpalography, EEG) or ask people very simple questions about what they see (psychophysics), usually when they are viewing something in which the experiences they have change without any change in the information coming into the eyes (multistable phenomena including binocular rivalry and monocular rivalry). I also conduct experiments on depth perception,colour perception, and motion perception. I am interested in visual perception in the real world outside the laboratory, in the early history of binocular vision, in meteorological optics, in size and depth perception over large distances, and in colour contingent aftereffects.


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