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    There is a wide range of neuronal models used in Neuroscience. The various models serve different needs and by necessity represent a caricature of a biological neuron in some context.

    Articles in this "Models of Neurons" category are intended to encompass: (i) mathematical models used to represent neurons, (ii) software and tools that are used with neuron models, and (iii) issues involving neuron models. Neuron models here include those where the cellular neuron representation is a focus of the article (whether detailed, simple or generic) and/or where a biological cellular representation is the motivation. Network models that do not include an explicit cellular model aspect and mathematical analyses that are not explicit in regard to neuron models are not formally considered as part of this category.

    Articles of related interest to this category that do not strictly fall into the criteria set for this "Models of Neurons" category as given above can be found in the listed subcategories.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have suggestions for additional articles and/or if you think there are existing articles that should be included in this category.

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